VI Peels: Practitioners’ Self-Treatment Experiences

by | May 20, 2020 | Acne & Blemishes Discoloration & Pigment Lines & Wrinkles Tone & Texture

practitioner holding VI peel

Early in the COVID-19 quarantine, VI Aesthetics was kind enough to deliver one of their amazing VI Peels to each of our practitioners. The following is an account of each of their experiences in self-administering a peel at home. Remember, these are trained professionals and medical-grade chemical peels should only be administered by licensed provider. Misuse of these chemicals can have potentially harmful effects on your skin. Do not try this at home.

Leslie Petersen, NP

Since I am 35, thick skinned with natural freckling and occasional acne breakouts I could choose any treatment from the VI Peel line. I opted for a VI Advanced, formerly known as VI Precision, because I wanted a slightly deeper peel for more collagen stimulation and because one month prior I had a HALO laser that already addressed my pigment. The VI Advanced has 20% more peel solution than the original so that more layers of the peel can be applied which allows the peel to go deeper in the skin. This along with the lower pH of the VI Advanced (below 1.6) allows the peel to penetrate our skin more effectively.

I applied the peel on a Sunday evening and a couple of hours after applying the peel I was splotchy red on my face. By Tuesday morning, the peeling had started all over my face. Usually people notice peeling around the mouth and lower face first but my entire face was already peeling, more notably around the mouth but everywhere was flaky. I was also weirdly red on my neck and areas on my face on day 4-5 but it resolved by day 6. There is a typical course of peeling that the majority of people will experience but there will always be a few outliers, like me! VI Aesthetics has a really nifty app that I recommend you download when you get their peels because it walks you through step by step what you need to do at home. After finishing this process I will be incorporating deep exfoliation in my skin maintenance routine.

Leslie VI peel

Corrine Case, PA

I was extremely excited to do a chemical peel on my face as I have always wanted to see what benefits my skin would see. I have oily skin and it is acne prone (mainly hormonal but can also surprise from time to time). I have also spent several years having fun in the sun which also hasn’t been the best for my complexion. When I got my VI Purify Precision Peel the first thing I did was to lay everything out like a kid on halloween with his bucket of candy. I then read all of the instructions (a few times) and I even FaceTimed Kim, our licensed esthetician, to make sure I had the entire process down.

I was able to get 9 full passes of the peel on my face. The first pass did have a slight sting but it was completely tolerable and faded quickly as the numbing solution kicked in. I set a timer between passes on my phone and was sure to go over the same areas of my face, avoiding my eyebrows and lips and making sure I used the peel all the way down to my jawline. I then waited the four hours and washed my face, used the cleansing wipe, and applied post-peel cream as instructed. Then I went to sleep anxiously awaiting what the next few days would bring.

The following 2 days my face felt pretty much normal but I did have some tightness, mainly in my forehead. I noticed the first signs of peeling on day 3 and it started small around my nose and mouth. The following day the peeling started between my eyebrows and worked its way up my forehead. This was a completely painless process other than having to use major self-control to not pick at my face and remembering to pat my face dry after washing it and not rub it on my towel. I never had any large flakes or sheets of skin peel off my face, but smaller flakes that were not terribly noticeable. I feel like if I had done this process while working I would have been comfortable with my appearance. During the entire process I was very diligent and generous with the sunscreen provided. I wanted to make sure I protected my new skin as much as possible!

After almost a full week start to finish, I felt like my VI Purify Precision Peel experience was over and I was very pleased with the results. My skin felt fresh, clear, and evenly textured. This is definitely something I want to do regularly to give my skin a jumpstart in cell turnover and to help keep my face healthy and rejuvenated.

Corinne skin peel

Megan Reider, NP

I was thrilled that VI Peel was so generous to send myself and the other practitioners at b|A a chemical peel to apply while at home during quarantine! I received and self-administered the Original VI Peel. I would be considered a Fitzpatrick Skin Type III, however this particular peel is safe for ALL skin types. I have a medium to olive complexion, mild to moderate melasma, hyperpigmentation (sun spots), and mild textural issues from my regretful tanning bed years!

During application I experienced a mild tingling for only a brief period of time. Overall, the treatment was quick and completed with minimal-to-no discomfort. Next was the waiting game, with no exercise for the first 72 hours which for me was the hardest part! My peeling began on Day 3 and lasted until Day 8. Initially, I experienced a full face peel beginning on my lower face and progressing upwards, followed by a lesser cornflake like peel towards Day 6-8. The majority of downtime and heaviest peeling occurred during days 3-5. VI Peel provides thorough aftercare instructions including post-procedural skincare products. During the healing process I made sure to apply extra moisturizer (to my already dry skin), not to touch my face, and applied the VI Peel SPF multiple times a day.

In my past dermatology experience, I have worked with several medical-grade chemical peels, but nothing compares to VI Peel. It is safe, effective, and combines multiple medical-grade chemicals for superior results! Since peeling, I have noticed decreased pigmentation, smaller pores, and a softer global appearance. This was my second VI Peel and I will most definitely be doing more.

Megan's VI peel

Gina Faruzzi, NP

I am not new to the VI Peels. I suffer from melasma and occasional acne breakouts, so I have used several of their peels in the past. My favorite peel for my specific skin concerns is the VI Purify with Precision Plus, which targets acne and pigmentation. The application of the peel takes approximately 15 minutes. I experience slight redness and mild burning (no pain) upon the first few passes of the peel, which improves after a few minutes. The first night after the application my face tends to become itchy, which is not uncommon. This is easily managed with an OTC antihistamine and the anti-itch cream provided in the aftercare kit.

The following day, my skin feels drier than usual, but overall looks normal. I usually start the active peeling process around 48 hours after I apply the peel. After having experience with several VI Peels, I have noticed that I typically have one full day of significant peeling, followed by 4-5 days of mild peeling. The peeling comes to an end around day 7. In addition, I am diligent about applying sunscreen and limiting sun exposure as much as possible after I peel.

After the peeling process, my skin looks brighter, has less pigmentation and my acne breakouts have resolved. I recommend completing a series of peels to achieve optimal results!

Gina skin peel

Kim Bickly, LE

VI Peels are one of my most favorite treatments to perform. The results are amazing, from tone and texture to overall skin health. VI has five different peels, so depending upon a person’s skin type and the goals we are trying to achieve, there is a peel for just about everyone. I personally tend to have more oily skin and I struggle with melasma. Doing regular VI Peels in conjunction with Microneedling helps to manage my melasma.

Not being in the office and able to perform regular treatments on myself has definitely started to show in my skin. I was thankful to be able to do the peel on myself during these strange times. I typically use the VI Purify Precision Plus because of my more oily and acne prone skin, but this time I used the VI Precision Plus which is generally good for targeting melasma. Post-care is very important with this peel. With the peel you get an aftercare kit, or as I like to call it your “homework.” There are towelettes that need to be applied at certain times and as the peeling process starts you have to be careful with the products you use, sun exposure, and even cleansing your skin.

Every time I do this treatment the way I peel and the results can vary. Sometimes I peel, and flake off pretty aggressively and other times I barely peel at. This time I peeled pretty good for about 2 solid days. My overall pigmentation lightened up, but I will definitely be needing another peel probably within 4-6 weeks to try and keep my melasma controlled. I highly recommend VI Peels regularly to maintain your overall skin health.

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