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The natural aging process leads to inevitable changes in our skin such as fine lines, a loss of elasticity, and a decrease in smoothness. While it’s not possible to turn back the hands of time, it is possible to address a key factor that causes our skin to look older and more dull: a loss of hydration.1,2

At beyond | Aesthetics, we specialize in minimally invasive cosmetic treatments to help our patients look and feel their best. SKINVIVE has become a popular option for our patients from Camarillo and Ventura who wish to rejuvenate their skin. This innovative treatment releases hyaluronic acid microdroplets under the skin to enhance smoothness and reveal a fresh, youthful glow.


SKINVIVE by JUVÉDERM is a breakthrough in skin rejuvenation, designed to enhance and preserve your skin’s natural vitality. Unlike traditional treatments, SKINVIVE is an innovative, FDA-approved hyaluronic acid (HA) microdroplet injectable, uniquely crafted to enhance the smoothness of your skin, particularly in the cheek area.3 Dermal fillers plump the skin to smooth individual wrinkles or to add volume: SKINVIVE does not change the appearance in these targeted ways. Instead, SKINVIVE treatment results in an overall improvement in the appearance of the skin without changing the contours of the face.

How Does SKINVIVE Work?

At its core, SKINVIVE utilizes the hydrating power of HA microdroplets, administered close to the skin’s surface. This cutting-edge approach allows for a uniform distribution of HA, which is essential for achieving a naturally radiant and smooth skin texture. The treatment works by attracting and retaining moisture, thus improving skin hydration at a cellular level and ensuring an even, refreshed appearance.

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Benefits of SKINVIVE

SKINVIVE offers the hydration we all love from hyaluronic acid treatments, but because it is administered beneath the skin it offers more pronounced results. Benefits of SKINVIVE include:

  • Enhanced Skin Smoothness: Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, particularly in the cheeks.
  • Deep Hydration: Goes beyond surface-level moisturization, ensuring long-lasting hydration.
  • Natural Appearance: Offers a refreshed look without altering your natural facial contours.
  • Minimal Downtime: A non-invasive procedure that lets you return to your daily routine with minimal interruption

What to Expect During SKINVIVE Treatment

There is nothing you need to do to prepare for SKINVIVE. The first step in your SKINVIVE experience is a consultation with one of our experienced providers, who will ask you about your esthetic goals. During treatment, you will relax as your practitioner administered SKINVIVE microdroplets with precision. The process is quick, comfortable, and tailored to your individual needs.

SKINVIVE Recovery and Results

Post-treatment, you may experience minor swelling or redness, which typically resolves swiftly. The results are immediate and progressive, with optimal outcomes visible within four to six weeks. The effects of SKINVIVE can last up to six months, offering you a sustained, radiant complexion.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SKINVIVE

Who is a good candidate for SKINVIVE?

If you desire a fresher, more youthful glow to your skin, you might benefit from SKINVIVE. Certain patients may not be good candidates for SKINVIVE if they have:

  • Past poor reactions to hyaluronic acid
  • Active Skin infections

We also recommend that patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding postpone SKINVIVE treatment.4

How long does the treatment take?

The SKINVIVE procedure is quick and usually takes about 30 minutes with no downtime.

Is SKINVIVE suitable for all skin types?

SKINVIVE is designed for a wide range of skin types. We’ll help you decide if SKINVIVE is right for your skin during your consultation.

Can SKINVIVE be combined with other treatments?

Yes. We offer a number of treatments such as BOTOX and injectables, eye rejuvenation, lip fillers, and more that complement SKINVIVE treatment. When you discuss your goals and concerns during your consultation, your practitioner will help you explore the many options available to you.

Ready to Transform Your Skin?

Discover the SKINVIVE difference and step into a world of refined beauty. Contact us today to schedule your consultation in Camarillo or Ventura and embark on your journey to radiant, youthful skin.

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