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Kybella is a synthetic form of Deoxycholic Acid, which is a molecule our bodies produce to break down dietary fat. When injected locally (currently only FDA approved for under the chin) it basically makes the fat cells explode, leaving free fatty acids floating around. Our bodies can then process those fatty acids and eliminate them from the body.*

*Individual results may vary.

Improve your profile and ditch the double-chin with natural results.
Patients are often worried about “loose skin” after treatment with Kybella. Even though Kybella is only approved for submental fat reduction, we’re seeing a rebound in skin elasticity and tightening after treatment. The theory is that the inflammation caused by disrupting the fat cell starts the process of neocollagenesis (I.E. building new collagen). So the final result is both fat loss and improvement in lax skin.*
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*Individual results may vary.

Kybella is your selfie-taker’s best friend. Now you can look great from every angle by eliminating that double-chin with Kybella. Schedule your free consultation today to learn more about this breakthrough new treatment.

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How many treatments will I need?
The average patient needs 2-3 vials per treatment with 2-3 total treatments. (I.E. a total of 4-9 vials) If a patient requires more than this for optimal treatment, I would suggest starting treatment with CoolSculpting to first “debulk” the area. Once the majority of fat is no longer there, we would then use Kybella to truly contour the jawline.
How long will I be swollen?
Most patients report noticeable swelling for 1-3 days following treatment then mild (only noticeable to them) swelling for 1-2 weeks. The degree of swelling usually depends on the number of vials needed during treatment and how much fat is in the area.


What are the side effects?
Because Kybella is an injected treatment, side effects such as bruising, bleeding, and tenderness may occur. Patients often reports feeling a slight “numbness” when they touch the area for 2-4 weeks after treatment. Swelling varies from patient to patient, but it’s best to assume that you will have significant swelling for the first couple of days. There is one potential side effect that has only occurred during the clinical studies, which was a crooked smile that lasted 6 months. This happened before the treatment grid protocol existed which serves as a guideline for the “safe zone” of treatment.

Say goodbye to that selfie killer.

*Results and patient experience may vary.

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