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Our clinical team of experienced injection specialists excels in minimally invasive, non-surgical treatments to enhance your natural beauty. A chin that does not project forward enough to be in balance with the forehead, nose, and lips is called a receding or under-projected chin. Sometimes called a “weak chin,” when this facial feature is out of proportion it can create an asymmetrical appearance. A weak chin can often be attributed to genetics, while sometimes it changes and recedes with age. Non-surgical chin enhancement, also known as chin augmentation, can add contour and definition by building out this part of the lower face from a recessed or under-projected chin to a stronger jawline and more balanced profile. Our patients often seek non-surgical chin enhancement as an alternative to surgical procedures such as chin augmentation or fat grafting, or to save the time spent applying contouring makeup in an effort to disguise a weak chin.

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Non-surgical chin augmentation is a fast, painless, in-office procedure that starts with the application of a topical anesthetic to minimize any discomfort before the dermal filler is meticulously injected for optimal results.

How Does Non-surgical Chin Enhancement Work?

Non-surgical chin enhancement treatments sculpt the chin with injectable dermal fillers to add volume and contour. Dermal fillers can address many common issues with a weak chin; this procedure can build volume on a recessed chin, smooth a chin that is dimpled, or reshape and balance a chin that is asymmetrical. During your consultation, you can discuss your cosmetic goals with one of our experienced aesthetic injection specialists and together you’ll determine a customized treatment plan to achieve them.

Dermal Fillers for Non-surgical Chin Enhancement

While we offer a variety of dermal fillers when it comes to non-surgical chin augmentation our team of experts has determined that JUVÉDERM® Voluma is best for facial areas that require a thicker product to provide more volume and for its long-lasting results. JUVÉDERM is a dermal filler with a hyaluronic acid (HA) base that is available in several formulations.

Non-surgical Chin Enhancement Results and Recovery

Non-surgical chin enhancement in a minimally-invasive procedure that requires little to no downtime and offers immediate results. Most of our patients return to their regular activities immediately following their treatment. It’s common to experience mild swelling or tenderness at the injection site, however, this is temporary and should subside within a few hours.

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Chin Enhancement is one of the many injectable treatments the team at beyond|AESTHETICS excels in providing. As a result of our skill and expertise, we have earned the distinction as an Allergan Top 250 Provider.

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FAQs About Non-surgical Chin Enhancement

How much does chin enhancement cost?

The price of chin enhancement using dermal fillers varies depending on the amount of filler needed to achieve the look you desire, the number of injections required, as well as the type of filler used. Your personalized treatment plan, as well as detailed pricing, will be provided during your consultation.

Is chin enhancement for men too?

Yes, chin enhancement is one of our most popular treatments for men! Non-surgical chin augmentation can provide men with a strong, chiseled jawline and a more pronounced chin for an overall more masculine look.

Does non-surgical chin enhancement hurt?

No. Your injection specialist will apply a topical numbing agent to the treatment site prior to beginning your procedure, so it’s unlikely that you’ll experience any pain. You may feel some mild tenderness and/or discomfort after the treatment, however, this is temporary.

Am I a good candidate for chin enhancement?

If you have always wanted a stronger jawline or more defined chin, non-surgical chin enhancement with dermal fillers may be an ideal solution for you.

How long does chin enhancement last?

Non-surgical chin enhancement with dermal fillers is not permanent. Results can last anywhere from several months up to one year.

*Results and patient experience may vary.

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