Back To Skincare: Why Regular Facials and DermaSweeps Are a Good Idea

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By Kim Bickly, LE, CMA

As Licensed Estheticians, our goal is to help our clients achieve the complexion of their dreams. In our practice, we offer treatments using medical-grade products to help with this, including our Signature Facials and DermaSweep. However, the truth is that a treatment can only do so much: it is vitally important that our clients maintain a strong at-home skincare regimen to keep their skin looking clear, fresh, and glowing. We’ve designed this “Back to Skincare” primer to help our clients understand the treatments we offer as well as the best ways they can care for their skin at home.

Why Invest in Professional Skincare?

On average, the cells in our bodies turn over every 28 days, meaning that new cells replace old cells that are past their prime. As we age, the rate of cell turnover slows down, which leads to an increase in signs of aging. A good skincare routine supplemented by professional treatments can help speed the rate of skin cell turnover, slowing signs of aging and revealing a fresher, more youthful complexion.

Signature Facials

The best skincare is customized skincare. At beyond|AESTHETICS, our Signature Facials are just that: fully customized for each client’s skin type, concerns, and goals. Facials are a great way to care for your skin, as they provide deeper exfoliation, better and safer extractions, and increased blood flow through facial massages and specialized products. By preparing the skin, facials increase the absorption rate and effectiveness of skincare products.

A facial begins with deep cleansing. Next, the skin is exfoliated: either chemically, manually, or a combination of the two. That is followed by extractions, a masque, and finishing products like serums, eye cream, and moisturizer. We use only medical-grade products in our treatment room, from lines such as Epionce®, iS Clinical®, and SkinMedica®.

You’ll notice the results of your customized facial immediately, and the results will only get better over the coming days and weeks. We recommend regular facials as a key tool to maintaining healthy and beautiful skin.

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DermaSweep is a non-invasive, no-downtime treatment designed to boost your complexion’s glow by addressing concerns such as hyperpigmentation, sun damage, fine lines, acne, and uneven skin tone and texture.

During treatment, your esthetician guides a vacuum-based handpiece over the skin. On the first pass, a vacuum with a bristle tip deeply and painlessly exfoliates the skin. The top-most layer of skin is removed, diminishing the appearance of imperfections and softening lines and wrinkles. On the second pass, reverse suction is applied, infusing customized serums directly into the fresh, new skin revealed during the vacuum treatment.

DermaSweep treatment is fully customized with a range of infusions and peels designed to address specific concerns. Not only does DermaSweep treatment reveal fresher skin and deeply nourish, but it also improves circulation and skin oxygenation.

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Great Skincare Starts at Home

The skin treatments we provide at beyond|AESTHETICS are highly beneficial for keeping the skin clear, fresh, and youthful—but the truth is that we can only do so much in a treatment. On top of that, many of our clients don’t come to see us until they have already spotted an issue, like blemishes, dry patches, or redness. Other clients may only schedule an appointment with us because they are hoping to optimize their complexions before a special event. Regular facials and DermaSweep treatments are fantastic additions to a strong skincare routine, but they are just that—additions. The key to preventing complexion issues from occurring in the first place is to have a good home skincare routine.

The best way to establish a strong skincare regimen is to attend a private consultation with one of our Licensed Estheticians, all of whom are specially trained. During this appointment, your esthetician will evaluate your skin and ask you about your concerns and goals. Then, you will learn about which professional and medical-grade skincare products are best for you. You’ll also learn how to use these products properly to ensure the best results.

Why Choose Medical-Grade Skincare?

Medical-grade skincare products are held to a higher standard than over-the-counter products. They are backed by research and regulated by the FDA, and can only be distributed by a medical professional.

It’s important to purchase your professional skincare products from an aesthetic medicine practice or other medical supplier, as some of the vendors you see online are not actually certified sellers and may be selling illegitimate products.

At beyond|AESTHETICS, we offer a full range of powerful, medical-grade skincare products designed to address specific goals and concerns. These products are made from premium ingredients and are highly concentrated, so unlike many over-the-counter products, a little goes a long way and results are realized quickly.

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Optimize Your Skincare with beyond|AESTHETICS

At beyond|AESTHETICS, we offer everything our clients need to achieve the fresh, clear, and youthful complexion they desire. From helping you establish the best at-home regimen with professional and medical-grade skincare products, to refining your complexion with custom facials and DermaSweep, we are your one-stop shop for glowing skin. We offer a monthly membership rate for our Signature Facials and DermaSweep, and make it easy to order the products you need online. Our goal is to help you feel good about your skin, so please contact us to learn more about all of the tools at your disposal.

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