VI Peel: The Road To Radiant Skin

by | October 3, 2022 | Discoloration & Pigment

ViPeel being performed on a client
By Meghan Henricks, LE and Nallely Contreras, LE

Who doesn’t want radiant skin? With the holiday season approaching, there’s all the more reason to gift yourself a healthy glow for all the seasonal festivities.

Our goal for patients is to maximize their treatment experiences and outcomes with VI Peel while removing any fear around chemical peels in general. VI Peels are advanced chemical peels that address many areas of concern such as fine wrinkles and uneven skin tone and are a good practice for their anti-aging benefits and to maintain optimal skin health.

If you struggle with active acne, the antibacterial effects of certain peels may be helpful to you. VI Peels can also help reduce acne scarring, age spots, and hyperpigmentation by increasing cellular turnover, bringing new and healthy skin cells to the surface while removing dead and damaged cells.

For those suffering from melasma, a condition that causes patches of discoloration on the skin, VI Peels may help by lifting and removing the pigment from the skin. It is a great alternative for patients who are unable to do some laser or light-based treatments.

Is A VI Peel Treatment Right For You?

During your consultation with one of our licensed estheticians, you’ll receive professional recommendations on which chemical peel would work best to achieve your cosmetic goals.
VI Peels are safe for anyone 13 years or older and suitable for any Fitzpatrick 1-6, meaning all skin tones and skin types are able to do this treatment.

Which VI Peel Should You Choose?

VI Peel offers 5 different types of chemical peels from superficial peels to medium-depth peels, and even deep chemical peels depending on your skin conditions. They include Original, Advanced, Purify, Precision Plus, and Purify with Precision Plus. In addition, body peels are available for other areas of concern. VI Peels help improve hyperpigmentation, tone, texture, and collagen and help diminish active acne, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, and melasma.

What Are VI Peels Made Of?

VI chemical peels are formulated with a special blend of acids that are specifically designed to penetrate to a median depth of the skin. This chemical solution allows the peel to penetrate deep enough into the skin to help target pigment issues and acne lesions.
Although each peel is unique in formulation, they share the following ingredients:

What Can You Expect During And After Your VI Peel?

VI Peel treatments take about 45 minutes. First, we’ll take clinical images to keep track of your progress. During your peel, you will lie comfortably while your licensed esthetician applies the peel solutions in stages to the desired area. You will likely experience light tingling in the treatment area but VI Peels are generally painless.

Once the VI Peel is completely applied to your skin, your esthetician will go over any post-care instructions and answer any questions you may have. Following the application, you will leave with the chemical peel still on the face. The VI Peel solution will soak into the skin for approximately 4 hours.

You can expect to have a light red tint on your skin for 4 approximately hours after you leave our office. Patients are able to wash their faces at the 4-hour mark. It is important for you to know that your treated skin will likely begin peeling starting the 3rd day following treatment—this is normal.

VI Peel Post-Treatment Care

Following your VI Peel, you will be given a take-home proprietary kit that contains topical products to use for the following 7-10 days to help with the peeling process. It is very important to follow instructions and use these provided products.

For 2-3 days following VI Peel treatments it’s important to steer clear of strenuous exercise or excessive sweating, avoid steam/hot showers, and refrain from picking or pulling at the peeling skin, however you may trim excess skin with clean scissors if it becomes bothersome. Additionally, you’ll want to avoid direct sun exposure and wear sunscreen even when indoors to protect your skin as it heals.

Maintaining Optimal Skin Health

When it comes to skin health, there is no such thing as a “one and done” treatment. Skin changes happen slowly which is why more than one peel is best to reach desired results.

On average, we suggest doing a series of 3 VI Peels with 4 weeks between treatments. Other cosmetic procedures and treatments that can enhance your VI Peel results are Dermasweep, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, and regular facials.

Don’t forget that a major factor in enhancing and prolonging your treatment success is making sure your at-home skincare products are medical-grade. Not doing so may end up costing you more in the long run! Your esthetician can talk to you about creating a treatment plan that is in line with your skin goals.

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