Planning Aesthetic Treatments Around Big Life Events

by | January 7, 2022 | All Treatments

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Have a big event coming up? Party? Birthday? Shower? Wedding? Along with your goals or desired results, how much time you have before the event will help determine your treatment options.

On an ongoing basis, using great skincare at home is ideal for being in the best position for starting a new treatment plan. Furthermore, using medical-grade skincare daily will help maximize the results of in-office medical aesthetic treatments and help protect that investment.

The following is a list of treatments that are categorized by required lead time. You may start any of these treatments further in advance than what is shown. Starting later is not recommended either because certain treatments, like dermal fillers, take time to reveal the final results or because certain treatments, like Kybella, will be broken out over multiple appointments. I also try to help patients understand that timing between treatments is critical for optimal results. Each case and patient is unique, so your best bet is a personalized consultation.

Less than 1 week up to 1 day before:


Microdermabrasion/Facial/Fire and Ice

Myer’s Cocktail and Glutathione for energy and glow, B12 injection (especially if traveling)

Aquagold MicroInfusion

Carbon Facial-Clear Lift Laser

4-6 weeks + above:



BBL Forever Young

Chemical Peel

PDO Threads

2-3 Months + above:

Dermal Filler, any injectables to account for bruising, swelling, possible touch up

PRP Hair Restoration

4-6 Months + above:




Laser Hair Removal

SkinTyte (treat every 2 weeks)

1 Year+:

Tattoo Removal (treat every 12-16 weeks, finish 1 month before event)

Can treat about once a month for any treatment or combination of treatments above.

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When you come in for your consultation, you should talk to your provider about any big plans or life events you may have in the next year. I love tailoring a plan that suits a patient’s goals and timeline. There are certainly a number of treatment options when you’re in a time crunch that will improve your look. However, when we have the gift of time, the Practitioners at b|A will be able to customize your perfect aesthetic plan. To learn more about your cosmetic treatment options, please contact us to schedule a personal consultation.

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