Rosacea… The Rosy Glow Nobody Wants

by | June 1, 2017 | Discoloration & Pigment Tone & Texture


Many people suffer from persistent redness commonly seen on the nose and cheeks, which may likely be an inflammatory skin disorder called Rosacea. Although this is a very common condition, many medical providers tend to under-treat or dismiss the problem all together since it is benign and is not typically physically uncomfortable. But I am of the opinion that an aesthetic abnormality can be very uncomfortable emotionally and therefore should be treated physically.

Here is a short list of the many things I have learned about Rosacea over my years of practice:


Facts about Rosacea:

Myths about Rosacea:

So how should you manage Rosacea?

Course of treatment depends upon the severity of the condition, but no matter the severity, the first line of defense should be a great skin care regimen. Repair of the skin’s barrier is the first and foremost goal. Epionce has a skin care line that is focused on just that, barrier repair!* Our job as providers is to help our patients find the right regimen for their specific skin condition and the severity presented.

Other modalities of treatment include the use of lasers, energy-based devices and prescription medications, both topical and pill form. It’s a lifelong commitment to taking care of your skin, avoiding triggers that cause flare-ups and getting the proper treatment. With this diligence, patients can see significant improvement in their skin tone and texture* and live life with less of the unwanted “rosy glow.”

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