Why Forever Young BBL is the Botox of Lasers

by | October 16, 2020 | Acne & Blemishes Discoloration & Pigment Lines & Wrinkles Tone & Texture Veins & Vessels

practitioner performing laser procedureTo start, I should clarify that BBL is actually not a laser, but most people associate the term “laser” with any light-based energy devices in aesthetic medicine. BBL stands for BroadBand Light, which is akin to IPL or Intense Pulsed Light and can be used to treat a variety of skin concerns. While somewhat similar, BBL has some clear advantages to IPL. The light emitted from the BBL handpiece passes through a specific wavelength based on the changeable filters chosen. This provides a wide variety of treatment options available based on a patient’s skin type and condition targeted. IPL is only a set wavelength based on a specific manufacturer’s device, not allowing for the same level of safety or customization as BBL. BBL is widely regarded in the industry as the gold standard treatment to correct hyperpigmentation, sun spots, freckling, acne, redness caused by Rosacea, broken capillaries, and more.

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Don’t You Want to Stay Looking Forever Young?

The best part about BBL… regular treatments actually cause the skin to look and act younger! A study done at Stanford University School of Medicine evaluated the long-term effects of BBL on the skin, and the findings were astounding. Subjects who had 1-4 BBL treatments yearly over the course of 8 years had skin that not only visibly appeared younger (evaluated by dermatologists and plastic surgeons) but also behaved younger. How was this determined? The study treated only one forearm of participants and took skin samples from both forearms after treatment for comparison. Skin cells of the treated arm compared to the untreated arm expressed genes as if the patients were years or even decades younger. 

This information changed how I view and prescribe BBL therapy for patients. I am no longer reserving BBL for only correcting problems in the skin and then telling patients to come back when they start seeing brown spots or redness return. Rather, by prescribing regular treatments spaced in specific intervals and using specific settings on the device, I can help patients reverse signs of aging and keep their skin looking youthful. This protocol is known as Forever Young BBL.

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How Does BBL Fit Into My Treatment Schedule?

So what is the ideal regimen for the fountain of youth? A Forever Young BBL treatment every 3-4 months is optimal, which you would begin only after you’ve achieved sufficient clearing of pigment through corrective treatments. This protocol is similar to that of Botox and the concept is the same- preventive maintenance is simpler, more effective, and often less expensive than drastic corrective measures. In other words, most would agree it is preferable to stay looking young rather than get down the road and hope to achieve sudden, dramatic improvement.

But, BBL is incredibly effective for correcting acute skin conditions. For this, I recommend 2-5 BBL treatments spaced every 4 weeks depending on the treatment area and the problem we are addressing. After completion of the corrective sequence of BBL, we encourage patients to transition over to quarterly treatments to maintain their results and receive the benefits of the Forever Young BBL protocol.

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Here’s What Our Staff Says About BBL and Forever Young

BBL was the very first light-based treatment that I received at Beyond Aesthetics. I had several brown spots from years of tanning and sunbathing. My goal was to even out my complexion and I quickly realized what the hype was all about! After noticing how my skin changed after just 1 treatment I was eager to get my 2nd session scheduled. I have since treated my face, neck, chest, arms, and abdomen. BBL is quick (under 30 min for face), there is very mild discomfort involved (warm snap feeling), and has minimal downtime. You can apply makeup and SPF after treatment and continue right on with your day. I can say without a doubt that I will continue BBL.
-Megan Reider, Nurse Practitioner

I have had two BBL treatments so far and it has become my favorite treatment to help my skin stay glowing. Not only does it help correct years of sun damage, it helps give me that even skin tone that I have always strived to achieve with makeup. I also appreciate how with each treatment I am helping to add deposits of collagen and elastin to my skin, keeping it youthful for years to come. As a side note, I am somewhat of a wimp when it comes to pain, especially on my face, but the BBL is completely tolerable for me without any numbing cream.
-Corinne Case, Physician Assistant

Outside of the BBL being great for complexion balancing, I personally love that it can also target acne. Patients who suffer from acne or have acne prone skin, would greatly benefit from the BBL, and see amazing results. For active breakouts, our practitioners recommend several treatments spaced every 1-2 weeks followed by maintenance treatments as needed. The filter used for acne treatment is able to be used on all different skin types safely.
-Dominique Yunger, Patient Coordinator

You had me at Forever Young! The first time I saw Sciton’s Forever Young BBL brochure I was skeptical and I questioned the results the treatment was really capable of achieving. After lots of education and two treatments myself, I completely believe it has the ability to reverse the aging process. That is why I have added quarterly treatments to my medical skincare plan. I like having a pre-planned treatment calendar for my go-to maintenance treatments like Botox, Forever Young BBL and dermal filler touchups. Having the year planned out helps with my crazy busy schedule.
-Brittany Petersen, Office Manager

Since I have melasma, I am not able to do certain treatments like BBL. But I have seen what it can do, from pigmentation issues to acne issues, it is a great treatment if you are the right candidate. I am also a firm believer that once you do a treatment like BBL, just like most cosmetic treatments really, you need maintenance. Regular facials or Dermasweep in between treatments like the BBL will just further your results and overall skin health.
-Kim Bickly, Licensed Esthetician


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