What Can I Expect from Using Medical-Grade Skincare?

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Author: Meghan Henricks, LE

As an esthetician, I recommend high-quality skincare products because I view it as an extension of myself into my patient’s home. Receiving skincare guidance is a way for you to “take your esthetician home with you.” At beyond|AESTHETICS in Ventura and Camarillo, CA, we only recommend clinically proven skincare brands.

I’m excited to educate patients on the importance of at-home skincare and how to build the most impactful regime to reach your goals. Skincare can be very confusing and overwhelming, which creates discouragement and leads to lack of consistency. I am here to simplify and create a better understanding of why patients should be using medical grade skincare at home.

As a previous patient here at b|A, I am honored to have the opportunity to educate, inform, and help patients through their journey since I was in their shoes only a few years ago.

What is Medical Grade Skincare?

Medical grade skincare, also known as cosmeceuticals, differ from over-the-counter skincare products in several important ways. The benefits of medical grade skincare vs. drugstore products includes:

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Medical Grade Skincare

Now that you know all the benefits of medical grade skincare, how can you make sure that you are using your products correctly? There are a few tips that can help you optimize the results you can achieve with your medical grade skincare routine:

Neglecting the skin can have pretty severe outcomes. According to the National Cancer Institute, skin cancer has risen to 3.1 million cases a year.1

Being inconsistent with skincare and treatments can drastically affect the results and maintenance of the treatments. You wouldn’t go to your dentist once every 6 months, but never brush or floss your teeth everyday, right? Think of the skin in the same way, it’s essential to protect and take care of it every day while also incorporating regular professional treatments.

Why Do Dermatologists Recommend Over the Counter Products?

You may have noticed that many over-the-counter products are “dermatologist recommended” or perhaps you have had a dermatologist recommend drugstore products to you. The over-the-counter products that dermatologists recommend are often very gentle formulas, and the reason is that dermatologists often prescribe harsh prescription medications that require gentle skincare. Estheticians, on the other hand, do not prescribe medications but rely on products that will work with a patient’s skin to ensure results. If you are using dermatologist prescribed medications or products, we can work with you to customize a medical grade skincare routine that compliments your current treatment plan for optimal results.

Where can I buy Medical Grade Skincare?

The dark side of medical grade skincare is counterfeit products. I cannot stress enough how important it is to purchase quality skincare from an authorized source. Medical grade skincare can be purchased at reputable med spas, dermatology offices, and direct websites of companies. Fake skincare products, purchased at retail outlets and online, can be ineffective and a waste of money. Even worse, counterfeit skincare can contain harmful ingredients that can irritate or burn the skin. At b|A, we carry SkinMedica, IS Clinical, Epionce, and Alastin.

The Bottom Line on Medical Grade Skincare

While medical grade products can have a higher price tag, it is worth the investment in the end. In the immediate future, as well as 20 years from now, your skin will thank you for taking great care of it. Purchasing medical grade skincare from a reputable provider ensures you are getting the high-quality ingredients that your skin needs.

Beyond Aesthetics now offers Skin Care Consultations. This gives our patients the ability to set up a consultation one-on-one time with a licensed aesthetician. Our estheticians will conduct a full skin analysis to determine the best products and treatments to best suit your skin. This guarantees to have an at home skincare routine to support and reach your goals. Schedule your skincare consultation today.

1 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Available: https://seer.cancer.gov/statfacts/html/melan.html Accessed August 9, 2023

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