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Our monthly special this month is something we’ve never tried before- Try a New Treatment (or new treatment area) Get 20% Off! So we asked our staff, “What’s the next treatment you want to try?” Here’s what they had to say…

Corinne Case, PA: HALO with PRP

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the treatment options when working at a medical spa. I will confess that when I first started I wanted to buy ALL the products and try EVERY available procedure. Well, over the last year and a half I’ve collected several serums and have done quite a few treatments but there are still a few things I have yet to try. If I had to pick one treatment that I am truly excited to try it would be HALO… with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)! Skin texture has always been an insecurity of mine and from what I’ve seen, I feel like HALO with PRP would truly revive and revitalize my skin as I head into my late thirties. 

I have done Microneedling with PRP and love it. But Microneedling does not penetrate the skin the way HALO does. Microneedling was a great start but left me wanting more… more reduction of pore size, more diminishing of fine lines, more firmness and elasticity, and more improvement of my skin’s overall texture. The fact that HALO can treat both the surface of my skin and well as penetrate deeper levels of the dermis excites me as it gives instant gratification on top of structural changes that will occur over weeks to months. Pairing HALO with my own PRP would allow it to heal with the utmost potential!

Dominique Younger: Radiesse Body Filler

I have been in this industry for a little over 5 years now, and there aren’t many treatments that I have not done, but there is one treatment that I am highly interested in and I would do instantly. That treatment is body filler. I have been interested in body filler for cellulite for a few years now. There have been a lot of practices and other treatments that treat body contouring, however, there isn’t much out there for cellulite. With warmer months approaching I would love to have some of those really annoying cellulite dimples smoothed out, to feel confident at the pool, or in shorts this summer. Typically body filler is treated with Radiesse, to fill the deficits and smooth out that dimply look that many women suffer from.

Radiesse is a bio-stimulating filler product that helps stimulate collagen production in the area in which it is injected. Collagen is great for regenerating lost volume and helps with skin laxity. This type of treatment is great for reducing the appearance of cellulite, but also aids in firming crepey, dehydrated skin. Along with treating cellulite in the buttocks, hip, and thigh areas, Radiesse is also great for skin appearance in the neck, chest, and hands. These areas are very telling of our age. I love to keep people guessing, so body fillers are a great way to keep getting your I.D verified when you’re out!

Megan Reider, NP: AquaGold MicroInfusion

There are numerous treatments that I have tried at beyond|AESTHETICS such as Forever Young BBL, HALO, Laser Hair Removal, ViPeel, Botox, Filler, and Kybella. Honestly, I have loved my results from each which is why I repeat them when needed to keep a natural and youthful appearance. But one treatment that I have not tried is our AquaGold MicroInfusion which is a quick, pain-free, and simple procedure. MicroInfusion delicately delivers a combination of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and neurotoxins into the skin to improve skin quality and health. These anti-aging products are delivered directly to the target and bypass the skin barrier.

There is really no reason I haven’t tried it yet, there is practically no downtime so it’s perfect treatment before an event or vacation, which hopefully we will all be doing more of in 2021. I personally struggle with fine lines around my eyes, also known as Crow’s feet. I treat this area with the FDA-approved recommended dose of Botox which is 12 units to each eye. Although they have dramatically improved, MicroInfusion would be a great procedure to accompany Botox to soften my fine lines and brighten the under-eye. I’ll probably give it a try before my next big event!

Nadia Dib: Microneedling with PRP

For years, I’ve been struggling with hormonal acne and acne scarring. My goal is to one day feel confident and comfortable enough to leave the house with no makeup on while feeling proud of my skin. I’ve had oily and acne-prone skin for as long as I can remember. Over the years, I’ve tried treating it with many over-the-counter products and I’ve gotten some temporary results but nothing lasted and nothing helped improve the texture and appearance of my skin. I’ve been a member of the b|A team for a little over a month now and I’m very excited about improving my skin’s look and texture with the help of trained professionals.

Our beautiful Esthetician, Kim, already got me started with two VI Peels- Purify and Precision Plus- which removed the top layers of my epidermis and left my skin feeling cleaner and smoother then ever! She also gave me a full Epionce skincare regimen that I now follow religiously both day and night in order to maximize and maintain my results. The next treatment that I’m excited to get is Microneedling with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). This treatment creates micro-wounds and uses our own bodies’ natural healing process to help produce more Collagen and Elastin. These components are key for improving skin tone and texture. PRP gives the extra benefit of infusing our own growth factors which improves results and healing time. The procedure takes about 45 minutes and has little-to-no downtime. My plan is to do 2-3 treatments about 6 weeks apart followed by maintenance treatments once or twice a year.

Heather Hatch, RN: Kybella

When thinking about what I haven’t done, I had a hard time coming up with something. I have never done Tattoo removal which I preform all of the time. I still love all my tattoos and there is maybe one I could possibly remove, but I don’t not like it enough to do. I have never done Kybella, but I really don’t have an appropriate area to try it. Lastly, I have never done PRP with Microneedling or HALO.

I have done both by themselves. I would love to see the overall difference in results and healing time when using PRP. I love results of both procedures. Being able to amplify results and reduce healing/down time is only to my benefit. I haven’t done it yet due to (someone being able to draw my blood, lol) timing. I have preformed Halo and Microneedling with wonderful results and see the overall benefits and fantastic results of it. I love seeing my clients’ results and how much they love and benefit for it.

Leslie Petersen, NP: VI Peel for Body

At b|A, we pride ourselves by only doing treatments that we truly believe in and love to do ourselves. I have done every single treatment we offer but I want to try a new treatment area. I want to try a ViPeel on the backs of my arms and legs, specifically to address Keratosis Pilaris (KP). KP causes dry, bumpy skin in the affected area due to a build-up of dead skin within the hair follicles. At home treatments include moisturizing lotions that contain AHA/BHA acids, exfoliation, air humidification, and adequate hydration. Using the ViPeel system on the affected area will speed dead skin turnover and unclog the keratin plugs causing the bumps. Many people see improvement in 1 treatment but typically need to complete 3 sessions with 6-8 weeks in between treatments.

Here are some treatment considerations:

Kim Bickly, LE: Signature Facial

A treatment that I cant wait to get done is… a Signature Facial! Sure I have given myself many facials over the years, but I have yet to have one preformed on me, being as I have been the only esthetician at b|A thus far. But luckily (especially for me) we’ve recently hired Clare who is a licensed esthetician as well as a registered nurse. She is going to take on some overflow esthetician appointments while she continues to train on all of our medical treatments, so we are going to treat each other and compare notes. I am so excited to finally be the one on the facial bed!

Facials are so important for the overall health of your skin. By getting regular facials, you are creating cell turnover, extracting and cleaning any clogged pores, adding hydration, and stimulating blood flow which can help with collagen and elastin production. Our Signature Facial is customized to your skin’s specific needs at the specific time of your appointment. We offer a monthly membership for our signature facial which is a great way to keep on a schedule. Plus, there are perks such as discounts on skincare products and certain medical procedures as well as periodic free upgrades within your facials.

Clare Tobias, RN: Forever Young BBL

As one of the newer members of the team, there are multiple treatments that intrigue me! The one I am most excited to get done is the BBL Forever Young. As a Southern California native, I am noticing the effects of sun damage on my skin. Additionally, I am terrified of getting skin cancer so the fact that I can get a treatment done that does both “treat” and “prevent” aging with minimal downtime is phenomenal. Hopefully you watched our most recent virtual event on our HALO and BBL treatments. While I was doing research, I read a few different research journals on the Joulex multi-platform device that performs the BBL Forever Young treatment. I discovered that the broad band light changes the tissues of the skin at a molecular level, reversing the signs of aging and making the skin appear up to 10 years younger with routine treatments. Who doesn’t want to look 10 years younger?! Sign me up please!

The treatment is a quick 45-min appointment with virtually no downtime. While it’s certainly not as comfy as a facial massage, it’s extremely tolerable. Most patients describe it feeling like a “rubber band snap”. The BBL is also a great option for treating small blood vessels, broken capillaries, . We can address all these conditions in one treatment due to the versatility of BBL. It’s definitely an upgrade from IPL!

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