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hCG Weight Loss
At Beyond Aesthetics, we can help you shed those extra pounds and get back into your favorite jeans with medically supervised hCG Weight Loss injection treatments. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that is naturally produced by women who are pregnant in order to ensure nutrition for the fetus, even during starvation, by burning excess fat in the mother. This completely safe hormone can be injected into anyone, allowing for an extremely low-calorie diet without extreme hunger.
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*Individual results may vary.

“After completing the hCG program, I was astonished to find I liked the way I looked more at 140 lbs. than I did years ago at 130”

-Leslie Petersen, NP
Clinical Director

Our medically supervised team is here to provide you with consultative support throughout the program. hCG Weight Loss dosage adjustments, diet counseling and exercise plans are designed to give you optimal results and the greatest likelihood of success. Weekly sessions keep you on track and provide the feedback needed to tailor your weight loss journey to you.
hCG Weight Loss
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*Individual results may vary.


1. PLAN PLAN PLAN. This diet takes prep work to truly be successful. Most patients find it easier to plan each meal and prep at the beginning of each week. Having pre-made food and a strategy for each week takes the guess work out of it. Your daily caloric intake is very low throughout the diet portion of the program, and we’re here to help you make a successful plan.

2. Administer your hCG Weight Loss injection around the same time everyday. This allows little fluctuation in the blood concentration of hCG.

3. Don’t start hCG Weight Loss if you’re planning any travel during the diet. Traveling makes meal planning and prep very difficult. Who actually wants to be thinking about a diet while on vacation?

4. Determine how much protein you should consume on a daily basis. This is a very simple calculation based on the amount of lean body mass you have and how active you plan to be throughout the duration of the program. Higher amounts of protein will also act to maintain satiety as well.

5. Take the maintenance phase seriously. You’ve done all the hard work to loose weight and change your body shape during the diet phase, and the maintenance phase is critical for solidifying your hard work. This takes 3 weeks and involves gradually increasing caloric intake in order to maintain your results.

6. hCG must be refrigerated. We give you your pre-filled syringes at each weekly visit with ice packs, but the product should be refrigerated before the ice packs are no longer cold.

Meet Your Providers

Leslie Petersen

Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Director

Leslie’s artistic eye, steady hands and attention to detail make her extremely skilled in many aesthetic procedures. She has attended numerous educational programs and certification courses and considers patients’ overall health in her approach to aesthetics.

Gina Faruzzi

Nurse Practitioner

Gina was drawn to aesthetic medicine by a desire to help patients look and feel like the best versions of themselves. She is passionate about skin health, educating patients about aesthetics, providing personalized care and achieving the best results possible.

Megan Reider

Nurse Practitioner

Megan’s undivided devotion ensures patients receive a second-to-none experience. With over 10 years of experience in medicine, her dedication to patient care is matched only by her outgoing and caring personality. Megan is a graduate of CoolSculpting University.


Is hCG safe?
Yes, when properly administered under our medical supervision. hCG has many uses and is used today as a fertility treatment in both men and women, though the typical dosing of hCG for fertility is much higher at 10,000 IU’s in a single injection. When dosing patient for weight loss, we usually start at 200 IU’s per injection and do not usually exceed 300 IU’s per injection. The more serious side effects from hCG occur when used in very high doses. The dramatic decrease in the dose for hCG Weight Loss purposes allows patients to safely function under a calorie-restricted diet.
How long can I be on the diet?
This depends on your personal goals. Old hCG Weight Loss protocols were very strict about how long the diet should be done as well as how long one needed to wait in between multiple cycles. These recommendations have drastically changed over the years and newer models recommend cycles be tailored to the individual and not a hard start and stop date. Some patients are very happy with their results at 3 weeks and some have continued the diet for greater than 3 months due to larger amounts of weight needing to be lost. With the hCG Weight Loss  program, you’re not simply loosing weight but changing your body composition. Because of this, you may find that you are thrilled with your body shape at a much higher weight than you could imagine.
Wouldn't I lose weight on the diet without hCG?
Absolutely. The major advantage of utilizing the support of hCG is two-fold. First, hCG allows your body to utilize fat stores for energy instead of breaking down muscle and bone. When your body thinks it’s in “starvation mode” due to calorie restriction, it begins breaking down lean muscle tissue for energy. This causes both a decrease in metabolism (muscle takes more energy to maintain than fat) and it makes a body look gaunt and potentially unhealthy (think skinny fat). Lowering overall body fat while increasing lean muscle mass aides in maintaining your weight as muscle tissue requires much more energy that fat. The second benefit of the hCG Weight Loss program is that your appetite is curbed. Many patients report little to no hunger during the hCG Weight Loss program even though daily caloric intake is very low.
Can I take other appetite suppressants?
Stimulants like Phentermine will work to decrease appetite in the short term but are not solutions for long term weight management. Stimulants boost your metabolism but unfortunately create a negative feedback loop in the process. This negative feedback loop causes your natural metabolism to “take a rest” and stop working as hard to provide your body energy. Once you are off the stimulant, your metabolism is sluggish because it’s been relying on a foreign substance to do the work, thus typically causing rebound weight gain.
Will hCG affect my mood or, for women, my menstrual cycle?
Some people report feeling less depressed and more energetic while on the hCG Weight Loss program. It’s important to tell your healthcare provider if you experience fatigue, dizziness, ravenous hunger, or moodiness as this may be a sign that your dose needs to be adjusted. Some female patients report having slightly heavier periods while on the hCG Weight Loss program. Patients with irregular periods tend to report that they begin to have regular menstrual cycles during and after hCG use. This is only observational but has occurred many times.

Now is the time. Lose the weight safely.

*Results and patient experience may vary.
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