Are you looking for a fast, painless, extremely simple and effective treatment with no down time that will have your skin looking firmer and more supple? Of course you are, but perhaps you are you not quite ready for Botox and fillers. Or maybe you just want to add something new to your regimen? You really must try the MicroInfusion treatment. Let’s talk about what a MicroInfusion is, exactly. You may have heard of MicroNeedling, but MicroInfusion is slightly different because there is less or no down-time, little or no pain, and generally faster results.

AQUAGOLD MicroInfusion

What is MicroInfusion?

MicroInfusion is a quick facial procedure using a micro-channeling device (the AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch®) with twenty 24K gold-plated, surgical grade stainless steel needles. These tiny needles have a width of 0.13mm which is less than the size of a hair. The needles go into the skin at a standard depth of 0.6mm which stimulates cellular renewal in the upper layer of the skin through gentle, controlled damage. The body’s natural healing process begins to produce collagen and elastin which results in firmer skin, improved texture, brighter tone, extra hydration, and minimization of pores, blemishes, and scars.

AQUAGOLD MicroInfusion

How is MicroInfusion different from MicroNeedling?

MicroInfusion differs from MicroNeedling in a few ways. First, MicroInfusion is a generally more superficial treatment, only penetrating the skin 0.6mm. MicroNeedling depths range from 0.1mm-2.5mm to elicit a deeper repair of the skin. Second are the micro-channeling needles used in MicroInfusion. These deliver a personalized cocktail directly into your skin for far better results as compared to a topical application. We personalize a specific skin cocktail for each client. So, this is quite different then your standard injectable.


  • 30-minute treatment

  • Depth 0.6mm

  • Micro-Channels in each needle

  • Virtually painless

  • Down time: none

  • Perfect before a major life event

  • Results immediately visible and progresses over 10 days, lasts 3-4 months


  • 60-minute treatment
  • Depth 0.1mm-2.5mm

  • No channelled needles

  • Some pain, may require numbing

  • Down time: 1-3 days

  • Do not do right before major life event

  • Results in 1-3+ months, lasts indefinitely

“I would definitely recommend this treatment to both the first-timers and the veteran injectable patients!”

Heather Hatch, RN

What is Included in a MicroInfusion?

A number of skin problems can be addressed with a customized mixture of product and a tailored approach. Ingredient options include:

  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA): works wonders for a subtle increase in volume and improvement in skin hydration, while also decreasing the appearance of fine lines. 
  • Botox® or Xeomin®: a great option for providing a natural, gentle smoothing of the skin, improves the size of the pores, and decreases redness over time, can help acne, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improves texture and tone.
  • Vitamin B12: gets the skin glowing.
  • Vitamin C: helps with brightening.

MicroInfusion treatments works well alone or when coupled with other treatments such as dermal filler injections or laser treatments to really enhance results. This is really a quick and easy, little to no down-time treatment that makes the skin glow. It is quickly becoming one of our favorite treatments here at Beyond Aesthetics!

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